Resume Tip of the Week #2

Well, how’s this for consistency? A new resume tip posted exactly one week apart!

Here goes:

A resume skills section should be SEO heaven. Make it keyword heavy – get found in databases.

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The idea here is simple – think of the words a recruiter or HR manager might use to find someone with your qualifications and find a place to put them in.

For example. Let’s say your an online media sales person. A recruiter might use the terms ‘Sales’ and  ‘CPM’ to find you. So make sure those words are on your resume – and if you can’t find a logical place in the content, find a way to stick them into the Skills section.

Happy hunting as always!


p.s. What kinds of keywords DON’T work? Stay tuned for the next Tip of the Week…..

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