Please let me know either way.

There’s this line I’ve been using since my earliest recruiting experience. I’ve found it to be enormously effective in sales and it can be very powerful in a job search.

“Please let me know either way.”

There’s nothing more frustrating in sales and in job seeking than not getting any feedback at all. We’ve all gotten to that point where we’ve thought “I don’t mind if it’s no, but please tell me the bloody answer”.

“Please let me know either way” is effective because it sets a clear demand (let me know) while also indicating that you are okay with a negative answer(either way).  Customers and hiring managers often feel uncomfortable saying no. Using this strategy is an effective way of calling them to action – it creates space for someone to feel like they can be honest and direct with you. And once they’ve given you an answer, if it’s negative you’ll have a chance to answer their objections and convert them into a sale. Any feedback is always better than no feedback at all.

Try using it in your emails and see the difference it makes.

Happy hunting as always!