Why You Need RezScore for Your Company

RezScore provides job seekers with a professional second opinion by reading through and analyzing resumes, all in a matter of seconds. After uploading your resume it will be graded and you’ll receive tips on how to improve it. RezScore’s grading algorithm is based on the recommendations of hiring managers, HR directors, job search experts, and certified resume writers. The easy-to-use app offers a lot of benefits for professionals and job seekers, but what about business owners? Our app can actually help entrepreneurs and brands as well.

RezScore as an analytics tool

It’s important to be selective when trying to fill an open position. To hire the ideal candidate a lot of factors need to align. Most companies probably receive an overwhelming response to their job posts and weeding through the stack can be difficult.

RezScore’s system can help you evaluate resumes better. Hiring managers can upload the candidate’s resume that they’re considering and review the score that his or her resume receives. Our system will pick the best ones out of the batch. Based on those suggestions, you can choose to move forward with an interview. This might take a bit more time than just glancing at the resume, but if you’re serious about finding the right candidate it’s worth it.

RezScore as a copy writer

A strong job description is crucial as it not only acts as a marketing tool for your company, but it also helps filter out irrelevant candidates. A good job description describes the duties, responsibilities, and required qualifications of a particular role.

We recently introduced a beta version of our new app, HireScore. HireScore reads, analyzes, and grades your job post in a matter of seconds, providing you with suggestions on how to make the post stronger. Furthermore, it will offer suggestions on how to make the post stronger, search engine optimized and legally compliant. Additionally, the service recommends qualified candidates (based on your description) through our extended network.

Building your team should be an exciting experience. Business owners and startups shouldn’t struggle to find top talent. The hiring process can be exhausting, but take the headache out of the search. Find enthusiastic and qualified candidates and turn the interviews into something you’ll look forward to.

Have you used our tools for your company? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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