3 Ways Twylah & About.Me Can Help Your Job Search

At RezScore, we’re big fans of new tools job seekers can use to get their dream job faster and easier. So, today, I’m writing to you to tell you all about Twylah and About.Me.

About.Me — a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard website — has been around for a while. Twylah — a site that extracts maximum value from your tweets by highlighting the value you provide — is still in beta mode. Not sure why you should use them? Check out these three ways they can help you in your job search:

Little maintenance


Finally! Two ways to increase your personal brand without constant maintenance. The magical part about Twylah and is that they both feed off of your existing social media profiles. Twylah uses content from your Twitter profile while uses links from your Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, and pretty much everything else.

Boost your personal brand


The key to creating an awesome personal brand is to start with a good message and spreading the word. With Twylah and About.Me, your personal brand is spread out even more than it was before. More people will find the messages you want to share about yourself.


Accessible to Twitter-phobic folks

You probably know a few people who simply hate Twitter. They might think it’s pointless, frivolous, or they might just hate birds. Whatever the reason, you might think that your Twitter efforts are useless. With Twylah and, Twitter-phobes will be exposed to your Twitter content without having to log-in and tweet themselves.

Are you on Twylah or How has it helped your job search?

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