(Don’t) Labor Day! 5 Ways to Make Your Job Search Faster & Easier

Labor Day is upon us. Time for sleeping in, relaxing, and having fun, all on a Monday!


Up until now, you probably thought that Labor Day can (and should) be only celebrated by those who are gainfully employed (and have jobs that can take Labor Day off). As a job seeker, you’re probably thinking that you don’t have time to celebrate Labor Day.

I’m writing to tell you that you deserve a Labor Day! You should just celebrate it differently. This Monday, complete these five tasks and then sit back, relax, and watch your job search get easier!


Make a schedule


When we’re unemployed, we’re usually caught without a schedule. After all, no job means no schedule, right? Unfortunately, no schedule means that you’re working willy-nilly on whatever you think you need to do. Take your day and piece it out into different portions. Set yourself a specific time to start working and a time to end for the day. A lot of us will get caught up in what needs to be done that we overwhelm ourselves and kill our overall productivity.


Pick a good email service


Some of you who are reading this have been using the same email address since they got their first AOL disc in the mail. It’s time for a change. There are a variety of email services (we like Gmail) that allow you to store massive amounts of data, filter specific messages, and other fun stuff. A bad email service can kill your job search efficiency.


Organize everything


Your desk and computer, specifically. Think about how much time you waste looking for your most up-to-date resume or a pen that works. Spend some time on Monday organizing your desk and computer space in order to boost efficiency. Sort your bookmarks and create a “job search” folder for your desktop. When you can find what you need faster, you’ll be much happier.


Optimize your profiles


We all know how important an online presence is for our job search. However, simply having a Twitter handle or LinkedIn profile isn’t going to cut it. When an employer looks up your name, what are they going to find? Spend some time beefing up your profiles so that they can do more work for you!


Make yourself a cheat sheet


When it comes to your information, you’d think you’re an expert right? Not always the case. Sometimes it’s hard to spell out your skills eloquently every time you apply to a job, so why not create a cheat sheet? Include those tricky numbers (like your driver’s license number) that applications ask for along with reference contact information, and other stuff that can escape you. When you’re not spending time trying to remember the official position of the supervisor you had at that one job, things get easier.

What other ways do you make your job search easier?

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