Left My Resume in San Francisco: Job Searching in the Bay Area

Last week, we shared RezScore’s latest infographic with you, the loyal RezScorians.

After combing through tons of data (with the help of our new Skills Explorer), analyzing what we found, and smashing it all together into an informative and attractive infographic, we came up with several conclusions about the top ten job markets, in demand job skills, and the hottest sectors.

Now that you’ve seen the entire infographic, we’d like to break it up into bite-sized chunks of info every Friday so you get the info you need!

Today, we continue with the home of Rice-A-Roni: San Francisco!

What’s so great about San Francisco?

As the closest metropolitan area to the famous Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to tech giants including Apple, Pixar, and Google (heck yes, Google). With the added bonus of also being close to UC Berkeley and Stanford University, San Francisco is becoming the place to be for white-collar workers and thinkers.

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What jobs are hottest in San Francisco?

According to our findings, the software industry reigns supreme in this area. In San Francisco, for every 1,000 jobs created, 125 are in software (2.5 times the national average!). Whether you’re in programming, coding, graphic design, or engineering, this is the place to be.

If software isn’t your thing, the San Francisco area’s other hot sectors include marketing, non-profit work, and accounting. Though only a fraction the size of New York City, San Francisco is creating just as many jobs as the Big Apple.

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How can I get hired here?

If you’re in the area and looking to work in the software industry, choose your resume’s keywords carefully. Based on our findings, the most in-demand keywords are HTML 5, UX (User Experience), MVC (Model-View-Controllers), Ruby on Rails, and Git.

When you use in-demand keywords, your resume is statistically more likely to find itself at the top of a digital stack on your employer’s computer. Are these five keywords a bad match for you? Check out our skills explorer (at the top of this page!) and do your own research.

What do you think? Do you live in San Francisco or work in the software industry? What do you think of these findings? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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