Is Your Major In-Demand? The Most Popular Majors of 2011

What’s your major?

It’s a common question that you’ll get countless times during your college years. Your mom’s friends will ask you, your roommate will ask you, and, maybe, that hot guy or girl will ask you too.

Before you started school, you probably (or at least should have) put a lot of thought into what kind of major you’d want to pursue. What are you passionate about? What can you see yourself doing? What will get you a high-paying job??

Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can tell you what major is the best (though I’m sure we’d invent it first!). However, we can use science (science!) to make the most educated guesses.

Using data from the most recent U.S. Department of Education’s Digest of Education Statistics and our super-awesome Skills Explorer, check out the three most popular fields of undergraduate study in the United States and RezScore’s outlook:


Whether you want to go the entrepreneurial route or start at the bottom of the totem pole at a large company, business is where you want to be. It’s no surprise that business is a popular major (348,000 business degrees were conferred in 2008-09), after all, the topic is broad and it has to do with money.

Unfortunately, as a keyword, RezScore’s outlook for degrees in business and business administration is negative. With over 51% of our sample population of resumes containing the term, there is simply too much supply for the projected demand.

Social Science & History

With 169,000 degrees conferred in 2008-09, the field of social sciences and history is the second most popular major. This area is broad and includes majors such as communication and social psychology.

Though broad, many popular social science and history degrees including anthropology, world history, and sociology yielded negative results.

Health Sciences

If you like helping people, the health sciences are right for you! Popular majors in the health sciences include pre-med, nursing, kinesiology, nutrition, and physiology. In 2008-09, 120,000 degrees were conferred to undergrads studying one of the health sciences.

As opposed to social science, history, and business, popular health science majors all yielded positive or neutral results. With a higher demand than supply, employment is conceivably easier to come by in this field.

What does it all mean?

For the most part, these results aren’t too great. However, this is the reality of today’s job market. There are simply too many qualified individuals for the amount of available jobs out there.

When you pick a popular major or field of study, know that you will be dealing with more competition. However, don’t let this scare you away from your dream career path. Differentiate yourself from the herd by honing specific skills and maintaining a stellar resume (with the help of our free, no-hassle resume grader, of course!).


What do you think? Are you a graduate of one of these fields or thinking about going into one? What advice do you have for others in this field? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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