Hired in Stumptown: Your Job Search in Portland

Two months ago, we shared RezScore’s latest infographic with you, the loyal RezScorians.

After combing through tons of data (with the help of our new Skills Explorer), analyzing what we found, and smashing it all together into an informative and attractive infographic we came up with several conclusions about the top ten job markets, in-demand job skills, and the hottest sectors.

Since you saw the entire infographic, we broke it up into bite-sized chunks of info so you have all of the info you need!

Today we’ll finish our ten-city journey with the home of the Trail Blazers, Portland, OR!

What’s so great about Portland?

Portland is home to many notable folks including Matt Groening, Gus Van Sant, and Beverly Cleary. It’s also a major filming location for the Twilight film series and was where Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain met.

Portland is home to several public and private colleges and universities, including Portland State University, University of Portland, Reed College, and Lewis & Clark College.

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What jobs are hottest in Portland?

According to our findings, Portland’s largest industry is health care. In most cities, health care positions account for about 77 out of every 1,000 jobs created. In Portland, health care positions account for 101 out of every 1,000 jobs created. Other hot sectors include skilled trade, accounting, and food/beverage.

Additionally, it’s important to note that non-profits are twice as likely in Portland than the average US city. Statistically speaking, only San Francisco creates a higher share of non-profit jobs. Portland also creates 1.5 times more real estate jobs than than average. Both of these industries were too small to include in our study, but we thought it was an interesting trend.

Overall, Portland is creating about 35 percent more jobs than a typical city its size, dispelling the myth that Portland is a nice place to live, but has no jobs. No word on how many jobs are available in microbreweries or as roadies for indie rock bands.

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​How can I get hired here?

If you’re in Portland and looking to work in health care, it’s best to choose your resume’s keywords carefully. Based on our findings, the most in-demand keywords are Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Practical Nurse, Licensed Massage Practitioner, long term care, and minimum data set.

When you use in-demand keywords like these, your resume is statistically more likely to find ​itself at the top of a digital stack on your employer’s computer. Are these five keywords a bad match for you? Check out our skills explorer (at the top of this page!) and do your own research.


What do you think? Do you live in Portland and/or work in the health care? What do you think of these findings? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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