Thanks! How to Write An Expert Thank You Note


It’s a simple word but means so much. Everyday, we thank others for opening doors, gifts we receive, and being there for us. Needless to say, “thanks” is important.

At a time when giving thanks is downright trendy, I think I’ll take this opportunity to discuss the importance of giving thanks in your job search, especially after an interview.

In recent years, it seems as though sending thank you notes after job interviews is becoming a thing of the past. Whatever the reason, less and less job seekers are using thank you notes as a tool in their job search.

Like them or not, that thank you note can cost you a job.

Not only does a thank you note tell the employer that you appreciate the time they spent with you, but it also says a lot about your interest in the company and serves as the very first follow-up.

Check out these 6 tips on how to write (and send!) an expert thank you note:

Go hybrid

If you’re wondering if you should handwrite the note or send an email, here’s an easy answer: do both! Within 24 hours of the interview, handwrite and type the thank you. They don’t have to be identical, it’s up to you.

Send the email and mail the note at the same time. Naturally, the email will be immediate, but the handwritten note could take a day or two. Using both strategies guarantees that you will be on the interviewer’s mind at least twice after the interview.

Pick a card (not any card)

The thank you stationary you sent to your Great Aunt Marcie might not be appropriate in a professional setting. Go to Target, your local business supply store, or a stationary store and pick out a set of cards that are blank or subtle. You want your words to stand out.

Make it personal

After the application process and an interview, you should know your interviewer’s name, their email address, and the business’s address. Be sure to address both the email and the card to that specific person!

Start the note off with a Dear Mr./Ms. _____. Unless they insisted you call them Alfred/Courtney, use their title to show respect.

Be grateful

I know it seems a little obvious that you should be grateful in a thank you note, but write it out! A solid thank you note can kick off with a “Thank you for….” or something similiar.  Make it clear that you are grateful without leaving the bad taste of desperation in their mouths. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for their time. 


After the inital thank you, take this time to revisit the interview. Touch on any major points you discussed or tie up any loose ends. Your thank you note serves as a mini follow-up, so let yourself shine (without writing a novel).

Sign off

Finally, finish off your thank you note strong. Including a “I will follow up with you in one week” is a great way to tell them that you are invested in the position and want to hear the outcome (even if it’s a rejection). Of course, if you say you’ll follow up with them in a week – make sure to actually do so!

Sign off the note and it’s good to go!

What do you think? What else should a job seeker consider when writing a thank you note? Do you have any questions about writing a thank you note? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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