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This Is What An A+ Resume Looks Like

Hello RezScorians! What does an A+ resume actually look like and what does it do to get an A+? It’s a question we get all the time. Here’s the short answer – go to and scroll down. Under “See A Demo” you’ll see a few images, and under those, links. Simply click on the [...]

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Meet An Awesome RezScorian

  As you already know, RezScore loves job-seekers! We’re constantly seeking ways to promote and enhance your job search, from offering our Free Resume Grader to our Skills Explorer to our Leaderboard. We have also been profiling job seekers who have submitted the very best resumes.  This week, we’re doing it a bit differently. We’re introducing [...]

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Resume Blasting: Helpful or Hurtful?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Man, what a gross phrase that is. It’s true, but all I can think about is that poor cat. Just like a cat, there is more than one way to go about your job search. There is not one right way to get hired, but there [...]

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Take Action! The Difference Between Active & Passive Resume Writing

As you know, we’re pretty obsessed with resumes. We love the way resumes work, writing them, the way they smell…. Nevermind. Since we’re all about helping our loyal RezScorians write the best resume possible and get their dream jobs, we’ve dedicated this blog, three times a week, to help with everything from bullet points to [...]

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1, 2, 3 Reasons Why Numbers Are Great for Your Resume

If you’ve been reading the RezScore blog for some time, you’ve probably noticed how often we mention numbers and how important they are to your resume and overall job search. Frankly, we love numbers. Numbers are one of the few sure-fire items that your resume can benefit from. Quantifying any positive skill, accomplishment, or quality [...]

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LinkedIn & Your Resume: Why You Need Both

If you’ve spent any time surfing careers blogs, you’ve probably seen a lot of different opinions about LinkedIn and your resume. While some people say that LinkedIn is irrelevant, others bring up the possibility of LinkedIn replacing resumes altogether. Naturally, we at RezScore, have our own opinion on the matter: there’s room for both. There [...]

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Resume Paper? 4 Instances Where a Print Resume is Necessary

As a kid, you may remember looking into your parent’s desk and seeing a flat box full of fancy resume paper. Creamy, textured — you know the kind. Back in the day, fancy resume paper was a surefire sign that a job seeker was professional and on top of their job search. Nowadays, resume paper [...]

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Should I Follow the One-Page Rule on My Resume?

It’s the million dollar question: Should my resume fit on one page? There’s no doubt about the benefits of a one-page resume. Your resume is prime real estate for showcasing your value and it’s key that you’re strategic in how you utilize it. In fact, we surveyed hiring experts and found that the typical resume [...]

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TMI: How Much Is Too Much For My Resume?

Do you share too much information on your resume? This is one of the most common mistakes made by job seekers. In fact, 28 percent of executives say the resume is where most candidates make mistakes in the application process. We’ve also done some of our own research on what makes a great resume (hint: [...]

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Should Your Resume Have a Picture?

Are you applying for your next acting or modeling gig? No? Then your resume should not include your headshot. Without even getting into the legal details of anti-discrimination laws, your picture on your resume could choke the system when uploaded to an applicant tracking system, which most hiring managers use for filing. When the odds [...]

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The 6 Commandments of Resume Writing

No matter what field you’re in, your resume can make or break your chances at receiving an offer for a first interview for a job opportunity. When creating or updating your resume, you need to make sure it won’t be the reason a hiring manager moves on to the next candidate. How does your resume [...]

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Long Live the Resume! 10 Reasons Why the Resume is Here to Stay

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to say our goodbyes. Here it lies; no one knew its worth, the late great job search document we knew so well: the resume. Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the resume and its untimely death. Everyone seems to have their own take on why the [...]

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Guest Post: Thoughts On Basements and Networks

“Those who fail to plan…should plan to fail.” – unattributed, many sources “I am never doing that again…and this time, I really mean it!” – me, the day after every St Patrick’s day I recently bought a new house.  A side effect of that, naturally, is that all of the stuff that’s been accumulated over [...]

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Find a Younger Mentor

“Find a mentor” It’s advice we’ve all heard, and most of us have tried to follow it to one degree or another. Maybe you have had a successful mentoring relationship, maybe not, but you’ve probably put yourself out there at least once to find someone who could help guide you, your career and your decisions. [...]

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Guest Post: “Common Resume Mistakes”

Hello RezScorians! Here’s a guest post from Eric Barthels,  Recruiting Director at Three Pillars Recruiting, on some common resume mistakes. Eric is a total recruiting wizard and a great drinking buddy.   When creating / optimizing a resume, there are several common mistakes made by perspective candidates. 1) Remove your objective. I have never seen [...]

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Guest Post: “Looking Good on Paper”

Hello RezScorians! Here’s a guest post from Laurie Davis,  the Director, Counseling & Programming at Yeshiva University. Laurie’s an expert on getting your resume noticed, and she’s compiled a few handy tips for our readers. Laurie is not affiliated with RezScore, she’s just an awesome friend!   There are so many resources about resume writing, [...]

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