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Objective Evidence on Objective Sections

Tempted to put an objective section into your resume?  Don’t. At RezScore, we’ve performed a lot of complex analyses on resumes.  Often, the data is difficult to read and requires complex number-crunching.  In this case, the answer couldn’t be more clear-cut. If you’re new to RezScore, we recently conducted the world’s most comprehensive survey of [...]

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What is a “Good” Resume?

We’ve gotten a lot of friendly pushback from some very smart people.  We’ve seen resumes from lawyers, doctors, Ivy League MBAs, C-level officers, Phi Beta Kappa members and Ph. D’s wondering why we scored less than an A.  Don’t go into the grader business if you want to be popular :-/ We told these people [...]

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Paragraphs Don’t Work! Resume Tip of the Week #6

Well, there you have it. Paragraphs don’t work. Ever. Seriously. Stick with bullets, keep everything short, sweet and to the point. Happy hunting! Sean

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Resume Tip of the Week #5

One day late….sigh…almost made it! Still, better a day late than never, right? Here’s your tip of the week. Hope you find it useful. You can drop any jobs you held longer than 15 years ago. Now this one is a bit controversial, and there are all sorts of caveats to it that I won’t [...]

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Resume Tip of the Week #4

4 in a row! I’m more proud of that than I should be… Here’s a tip I’ve heard described as super helpful by many job seekers and clients. It’s also a real easy one. Never use more than 2 fonts. Sans serif fonts should be used for content and read better on computers (examples include [...]

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Size Matters

Brevity is the soul of wit. It’s also the soul of a resume, according to our analysis at RezScore.

Nowadays, the typical resume is between 386 and 896 words long, with a median resume length of 578 words. This usually fits on a single page.

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Resume Tip of the Week #3

Hello RezScorians! (just coined it – thoughts?) Here for your viewing pleasure is Resume Tip of the Week #3: Instead of summarizing what your old company did, try simply hyper-linking it. It looks good and saves space + it’s SEO friendly and demonstrates a bit of web savy. How’s that for a time and space [...]

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Resume Tip of the Week #2

Well, how’s this for consistency? A new resume tip posted exactly one week apart! Here goes: A resume skills section should be SEO heaven. Make it keyword heavy – get found in databases. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The idea here is simple – think of the words a recruiter or HR manager might [...]

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I hate writing resumes

This is a re-post (w/ slight edits) of a blog I wrote awhile ago for Freedom Resumes. I think it belongs on RezScore as well. _________________________________________________________________________________ I hate writing resumes. It’s a pain. There is nothing fun about it. It takes a large amount of time, mental and psychological commitment, and frankly, it’s hard to [...]

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Resume Tip of the Week #1

Hello folks, Gerrit and I were talking today about other ways we could help job seekers without costing them any money. Here’s a pretty simple one. Every now and then (presumably weekly) we’ll post a tip of the week. Some of this is content we put on the paid report, and some is just off [...]

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About me – Sean Weinberg

Howdy, and thanks for coming to the blog. My name is Sean Weinberg, co-founder of RezScore. In contrast to Gerrit, I am NOT a big numbers geek. Although Gerrit has explained the RezScore algorithm to me at least 247 times, I still don’t quite get it. I do, however, love to build things (in this [...]

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About Me- Gerrit Hall

Hey everybody, my name’s Gerrit, co-founder of RezScore.  I wanted to share a bit about myself. I’m a big numbers geek.  How big?  Well, I’m embarrassed to admit that when I was a kid, I made a spreadsheet of my Halloween candy and used it to optimize my trick-or-treating route to get the best candy. [...]

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Welcome to RezScore

Welcome to RezScore, the world’s foremost site for expert resume advice.  You may have already used our grading tool to grade your resume.  On our blog, we’ll post additional resume writing advice, results of some of our resume analysis, and additional job hunting news. Plus an occasional joke.

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